this is so true. so unbelievably true.

this is so true. so unbelievably true.

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Love when people can’t say stuff to your face

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I like it when guys work at subway, cause then they have to make me a sandwich

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hi, i like you. can you please just tell me you like me back?

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Okay so whoever the fuck just wrote that kayleigh is a heartless bitch, you are actually the bitch. First of all your a fucking pussy if you can’t say this to her face and a shitty friend. Believe me i’ve disagreed with some of her or adams decisions and told them my opinions so your an ass. Second of all who the fuck are you to talk? Are you fucking adam or kayleigh? Do you know how they felt about eachother? Do you really know all their drama? NO i didn’t fucking think so. So shut your damn mouth.

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